How many hours a day are you behind a screen?


How many hours a day do we practice reacting?

A like, a heart, an angry face, a thumbs up.

A note of love and support.

A note of correction.

A note of opinion.

A note of self-righteous belief.

A message.

A response.

An immediate response.

Anything longer than 30 minutes means we’re not loved.

Another reaction.




Practice. Practice. Practice.

We practice reacting.

And life slips away.

Your response from behind the screen is more important than breathing, than skin to skin, heart to heart connecting, than grounding, than fun, than joy, than introspection, than those right next to us, breathing. Wanting connection. But, they too, are behind. Practicing reacting.

Reacting and isolating.

Making cortisol.

All animals survive through awareness of their environment.

Humans were designed to flourish in the natural world.

Our biology thrives on presence.

Can we flourish from behind the screen? Are we present?


Zebras don’t get ulcers.

They are always present.

You can’t lead your life from behind.

Get out. Put your feet in the dirt. Be present.