This year, do it different.

Get what you want in life…

Catch yourself laughing more with friends.
Enjoy having more time for yourself.
Make more money and spend it how you want.
Feel less overwhelmed by daily life.
Feel less angry about things you can’t control. 
Feel less regret over your decisions. 

This year, do it different.

Get what you want in life…

Catch yourself laughing more with friends.
Enjoy having more time for yourself.
Make more money and spend it how you want.
Feel less overwhelmed by daily life.
Feel less angry about things you can’t control.
Feel less regret over your decisions.

We start every year with a list of goals and resolutions but often find that they fade away within months of starting the new year, buried under the stress of daily life. We make goals to be thinner, spend less, go out more. We list the resolutions that are expected of us, even if they aren’t in line with what we really want.

 We make well-intentioned and expected goals because we don’t know what we really want to achieve.

It’s time to live from your Heart’s Desire. 

Living from your Heart’s Desire means that every action, every decision, every word comes from a deep place of knowing what’s right for you. No more second-guessing your life. Hard becomes easy because you know deep down what’s right for YOU.

And this isn’t some woo-woo airy-fairy BS.

Did you know that the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body? According to research by the HeartMath Institute, the electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).

 Here’s the important part

The heart is a sensory organ and acts as a sophisticated information encoding and processing centre that enables it to learn, remember, and make independent functional decisions.

 I’ve created Heart’s Desire for people who are ready to get out of their head and into their heart and achieve their dreams. 

Here’s what we’ll do together for 16 powerful days:

  • In a secret Facebook community, you’ll get daily training (audio, video, downloads) designed to:
  • Help you take a good, honest look at the major areas of your life, what’s working, what’s not
  • Give you the tools to zero in on what matters most
  • Release negative patterns and anything else that stands in the way of your Heart’s Desire…past failure? doubt? fear? resistance? We’ll tackle it.

I’ll lead a live stream a few times during these 15 days to answer any questions you have. And, you’ll have access to the tools, the tribe and me for the entire year. 

After 15 days of exploring your limitations and breaking through personal barriers to success, you’ll come to Wisdom Ridge Ranch for a day out in the country.

Here, away from the hustle and stress of your daily life, you’ll connect with your tribe, enjoy farm-to-table cuisine and find your deepest limiting beliefs through powerful work with the Wisdom Ridge Horses.

This is where we make it real. At Wisdom Ridge, you’ll:

  • Identify and remove barriers to living through your Heart’s Desire
  • Learn to set clear boundaries so that you’ll have the space to lead life from your Heart
  • Release any trauma or feelings of failure from 2017 to create a strong foundation for change
  • Make your Heart’s Desire declaration; find accountability within your new-found community

Here’s the secret of the Ranch –you’ll get to FEEL what’s it’s like when you’re making decisions from your heart vs. your head. We’ll make this feeling muscle memory so that you can always come back to it when life throws you off track.

Learn what you want and how to get it.

Living life in positivity with the ability to make change for yourself and those around you starts with living from the heart; to make this program accessible to as many people as possible it is only $195.

Join the hundreds of people who are finding the good in the life they are living, and making small positive changes through living their heart’s desire. Space is limited, you will be notified of enrollment within 24 hours of signing up.

The Heart’s Desire program is open for enrolment for April 23rd. Secure your spot by signing up below: 

Frequently asked questions

Where is Wisdom Ridge Ranch?

Wisdom Ridge is located in the historical and scenic region of California’s Gold Country. It’s a 2.5-hour drive from the Bay Area and we’re about an hour from the Sacramento International Airport. If you want to Google, it’s Fiddletown, CA.

How many people will be in the group?

Our Ranch experience is small and intimate – limited to 10 – so that each participant has ample time with the horses and nature.

What if I’m afraid of horses?

Don’t worry, you’ll always work within your comfort zone in the horse exercises. It’s part of the reason the group is kept small.

What if I want to make a weekend of it?

When you register, you’ll receive a list of local hotels and Air BnB links that offer a wonderful experience in the Gold Country, including our award-winning wineries and restaurants.

About Me, Amy Buck

I inhaled Silicon Valley tech for 20+ years, working side by side with the C-suite. I’ve been in start-up’s, Fortune 100 organizations and everything in between. I’ve led award-winning teams with my work chronicled in the Wall Street Journal, LeMonde, Time, Business Week, and Moneyland and I’ve been a keynote speaker.

I had a fantastic corporate career but I reached a point where I needed to remove the mask; I just wasn’t passionate anymore. I looked to nature and animals to restore my energy and it was there that I found my purpose.

Now, my business partners are horses and I’m running an action-based leadership and development center at my 115-acre ranch in Northern CA. Basically, I guide transformations. I’m a certified coach and equine guided facilitator, having studied and mentored with the top in the field.

Clients Say:

“It was an amazingly rich experience for one short day! I didn’t want to leave, I felt a strong draw to stay with the land and with the horses.” Lisha

“An important learning for me was the non-verbal communication. I’ve heard it, believed it, but when I experienced a horse immediately responding so honestly and directly to what my emotional state was, it really brought home how I effect those around me without saying a word.” Wendy

“I gained a clarity that I doubt I would have come to so quickly through other methods.” –Deirdre